Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This is my final poster design. I really like the colour, i think it works really well with the simplicity of the piece, I think it complements the company it is advertising for.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Im feeling the colour on this, i reminds me of letters and brown paper. I'v used magazine to make squares because i want to include type as a use of paper.

I like both the above, can't make my mind up! the top looks more sepia, while the second is browner. The opacity of them both is also a pleasing aesthetic element.

This one blends way to much into the background.. not working.

Its a lighter in colour than the others, shows paper as a natural, organic material

This has a lot more luminosity to it than the others, real striking on the page. but it clashes to much with the background. Even though i like it.. i wont use this or the one below for the final poster.


so heres the pages in my sketchbook of the idea that i'm moving forward with..

The plan is to make '100' in 3d shapes and photograph. Then use the images in my poster.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

So i got refered.

And I'm not surprised really.
I know what i have to do to move it forward. I need to make some better attempts at paper sculpture, being as creative as possible in the construction of my object. I need to take a look at my blog and improve it through annotation and more pictures of my work in progress. i need to learn to be more methodical when attempting an idea, and following it through with patience and skill.
I want to take some of the paper sculpture ideas further and push them into something else. The poster really didn't work and needs be done again. I felt i rushed this and put no energy into it and i feel like that shows in the work..

Monday, 14 March 2011

Final Piece

These are the raw images i made of '100' i then put them in photoshop and created a poster.

G F Smith

Heres some Design used by GFSmith in the past that I like..

Poster Work

I worked on a few ideas.. And a couple really didn't work..

First i tried to just indent the words into paper, to but i kept being creasing and scrunching the page and it looked really bad in the end so i gave up!
Next I tried to make a grid of the words to create a 3d form but this i couldn't get right either! So i proceeded onto what to became my final design!