Friday, 18 February 2011


Comes in many shapes/sizes/forms/materials/colours....
Jen Stark

Masahiro Chatani

Chris Natrop

Aoyama Hina

Brian Dettmer

Emma Van Leest

Helen Musselwhite

Ingrid Salakus

Jennifer Koshbin

Artist unknown

Simon Schubert

A few paper artists i'v stumbled across pon the way.
And a few pictures of organic forms that inspire me too.
Still yet to decide on my final form idea for the hanging part of this brief... I have a few ideas swimming round about the poster part which i shall scribble down in my sketchbook.

The ART of paper..

My own creations from the workshops with Mr Richard Sweeney (paper artist extrodionaire/badman)
Loved the sessions! Really helped me with my own design process.
Learnt alot of new skills that i'll take forward with my designs in the future